Improvement Location Permits

Our office receives calls and questions everyday on issues such as what is needed for a improvement location permit, is a property in a Special Flood Hazard Area, what is the zoning on a piece of property, whether a property can be divided, and what common setbacks and uses are allowed in the various districts. Every member of our staff is efficient in answering these and many other questions. However, if we do not have an answer we will find out as quickly as possible or refer you to another member of our staff or the appropriate office that may be more equipped to answer your questions.

In order to help our office answer questions for you, the customer, there is some basic information we will require. For instance we will need a property address, a property owners name, and if possible the property key number. The property key number may be obtained in the auditors' office or off of the G.I.S. mapping site. If you are intending to obtain a permit or set up a hearing we will require a site plan of what is proposed and a legal description of the property in question. Dependent on what kind of hearing you are pursuing you may be required to provide additional information to our office.

Residential & Agricultural Check List

Commercial/Industrial/Public Use Check List

Floodplain Related Information

Agricultural Disclaimer Form for construction in an Agricultural District.

Contractor Registration Process Directions

GeoPermits Online Permit and Form Portal - Kosciusko County's GeoPermits site allows you to apply for Improvement Location Permits, Sign Permits, Flood Development Permits, and Property Research Requests.  Prior to starting a form or permit please register as a user if you have not done so previously.  Registration is free and is required to apply.  For guidance see this document.


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