Traffic Tickets

Paying For Your Traffic Ticket

For the amount of your ticket, please contact the Kosciusko County Clerk's Office at 574-265-2637.  

Your due date is on the bottom of the ticket under APPEARANCE DATE. This is NOT a court date. If you would like a court date, please see below. Failure to COMPLY BY YOUR DUE DATE WILL RESULT IN THE SUSPENSION OF YOUR DRIVER'S LICENSE.


Clerk's Office- We accept cash, money order cashier's check or credit/debit card (fee applies). NO PERSONAL CHECKS.TICKETS MUST BE SIGNED UNDER ADMIT OR NO CONTEST PRIOR TO PAYMENT.

Mail- We only accept payment by money order or cashier's check. NO PERSONAL CHECKS. Make sure you sign the admission or no contest line on your ticket and send it with your payment. To receive a receipt, please send a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment.

Send to:
Kosciusko County Clerk
Attn: Traffic
121 N Lake St, Room D162
Warsaw, IN 46580

Credit/Debit Card- In our office or click the following link: On Line Traffic Ticket Payments. Service fees apply for both in office and on-line.


INDIANA RESIDENTS-You must PERSONALLY APPEAR at the Clerk's office by the appearance date on your ticket to sign a denial form. Upon completing the denial form, the Superior Court No. 2 will set a court date and time for your Bench Trial and a notice will be issued to the address on the denial form.

OUT OF STATE DRIVERS-You may sign the denial line on your ticket and mail to the address above. The Clerk's office must receive the denial on or before the ticket appearance date. Upon receipt, the Superior Court No. 2 will set a date and time for your Bench Trial and notice will be issued to the address on your ticket. If the address on your ticket is not correct, attach an address change to the ticket and sign it.


There is an infraction deferral program for speeding tickets that are 25 mph over the posted speed limit or less. It is not available for CDL license holders. You will need to contact the Kosciusko County Prosecutor's office at 574-372-2419 to see if you qualify.


If your license has been sent for SUSPENSION, you will first need to pay the ticket that is due in Kosciusko County. Once paid, we will submit notice to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles the following business day. Contact the Kosciusko County Clerk's office at 574-265-2637 prior to coming/mailing in payment for ALL instructions.