Juror Information


Directions to the Kosciusko Justice Building

The Kosciusko Justice Building is located in Downtown Warsaw, Indiana, on the west side of the Courthouse Square, 121 North Lake Street.


Parking for jurors is available on the north side of the Kosciusko County Justice Building at the corner of West Main and North Washington Streets. Parking on the City streets will probably result in the issuance of an overtime parking ticket by the City Police Department.


Kosciusko County provides compensation for jurors for their service. Currently, the rate for jury service is $15.00 per day (or any portion thereof) as a prospective juror, and if you are selected, the rate of compensation is $40.00 per day (or any portion thereof). Mileage is paid at 49 cents per mile.


Dress appropriately for being in a courtroom. Business attire is appropriate, as is casual business attire. Do not report in muscle shirts, cutoff shorts, wearing hats, or in any attire, which is inappropriate for the courtroom.


Jurors should be advised that the Court provides all of your necessary meals, at no cost to you. If you have special dietary needs, please advise the Bailiff at your first opportunity.

Auxiliary Aids & Services

If you are in need of special assistance, hearing assistance devices, or have special needs, please advise the Bailiff at your earliest opportunity.

Juror Exemption

You are exempted from jury service if you have completed a term of jury service within the year preceding the date of the summons. If you believe you are exempted, please contact the Court's Bailiff as soon as possible to claim your exemption.

Juror Safety and Privacy

Personal information about you that is contained in your written responses to the Juror Qualification Form will not be released to persons other than their counsel. Your Qualification Form will remain confidential, consistent with their intended use and consistent with the constitutional and statutory rights of the parties.

Introduction of the Case

Once the prospective jurors are seated, the Judge will provide you with an introduction of the proceedings. You will be:

  1. Introduced to the participants
  2. Informed as to the nature of the case
  3. Informed as to the applicable standard or burden of proof
  4. Informed as to the presumption of innocence in a criminal case

There is a possibility that the action to be tried might be settled before trial. If that occurs, we will write or telephone you to cancel your appearance. However, settlement is sometimes made so late that we are unable to inform you in time. To verify the fact that the trial will be held, please telephone 265-2644 for Kosciusko Circuit Court or 265-2646 for Kosciusko Superior Court No. 1 or 372-2374 for Kosciusko Superior Court No 2 or 372-2394 for Kosciusko Superior Court No 3 or 265-2912 for Kosciusko county Superior Court No. 4 on the evening before your scheduled appearance. You will hear a recorded message giving you specific information. In some instances, you will be told to report as directed; however, you MAY be informed not to report at all on the date specified in this letter.

The answering machine could be quite busy. If you get a busy signal, keep dialing until you get through.

If there should be a malfunction of the juror information line or, if an emergency should arise, please call 372-2402 for Kosciusko Circuit/Superior Court No 1 or 372-2374 for Kosciusko Superior No 2 or 372-2394 for Kosciusko Superior No 3 or 265-2910 for Kosciusko County Superior No 4 before you come in. Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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