Advisory Board

The Kosciusko County Advisory Board is made up of a group of individuals in the community who come together for the common purpose of administering to the needs of law enforcement and detention in our community.  The persons on the board go further by committing resources and cooperation with Community Corrections to better the lives of the individuals we serve.


  • Michael Reed
  • Tammy Johnston
  • Sheriff Jim Smith
  • Michael Murphy
  • Brad Voelz
  • Antony Garza
  • Scott Whitaker
  • Torrey Bauer
  • Layne Sumner
  • Kathy Groninger
  • Kara Shively
  • Erin Rowland
  • Pam Kennedy
  • Linda Giusti
  • Steve Ferber
  • Chris Kehler
  • Karin McGrath
  • Sara Cole