Frequently Asked Questions

Veteran Exemption, Mortgage Exemption, Over 65 Exemption, Disability Exemption, and Homestead Exemption must be filed with the County Auditor. For an explanation of the various exemptions, please click here.To contact the Kosciusko County Auditor, please call 574-372-2323.
Where can I view the County GIS Map?
You can view the County GIS Map online by clicking here.
General Property Tax Information
How does the tax caps process work?
Under the Indiana Constitution, your total tax bill cannot exceed a percentage of your gross assessed value which may be either 1, 2, or 3%, depending on property type. The Gross Assessed Value is the value of your property before any deductions are applied.
Why are my taxes so high?
Your tax bill results from the interaction of your property's value and the local tax rate. The assessor's responsibility is to assign a fair and equitable market value to your property, which is used as the basis for taxation. Local spending at the municipal, township, and county level determines your actual tax rate.
Why is it that my neighbor's taxes appear to be lower than the taxes on my property?
Your neighbor may be receiving deductions that you may not be eligible for or have not had applied to your home due to various reasons. Otherwise, differences between homes such as lot size, square footage, quality and grade of construction, and the like can result in higher or lower assessed values.
What sales information was used to develop trending factor?
The trending factor is developed through an annual process called the ratio study, and includes all of the sales information collected to determine the trending factor.
If property values are decreasing then why are my assessed values rising?
Assessed values are established as of January 1 of the tax year, so for taxes payable in 2018 the valuation date is January 1, 2018. To arrive at the property's value on that date, sales information for the prior two years is considered. For taxes payable in 2018, the assessor's office compared sales from 2017.
Reassessment and Trending
What is reassessment?
Cyclical reassessment is reviewing all parcels in the county over a four year period, with 25% being re-assessed each year.  The mission of a reassessment is to inventory, verify, and value all real estate parcels. This is a process undertaken by local assessing officials to ensure property records are accurate representations of parcels and/or their improvements. 
What is trending?
Trending is the annual process of valuing real property. To conduct trending, the assessor's office compares assessed values to real estate sales data, then adjusts values if necessary - upward or downward - to reflect market conditions for the assessment period. Assessments are then reviewed for statistical measures of accuracy, fairness, and equitability between properties.
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