Property Tax Assessment BOA

What is the Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals (PTABOA)?

Once a taxpayer has filed written notice of appeal, the local official is statutorily required to forward that written notice to the county PTABOA, which will hear the taxpayer's appeal and issue a written determination. A board of county commissioners may determine whether to have a 3 or 5 member PTABOA. The county assessor is a non-voting member of the PTABOA regardless of the number of members. In a county with a 5 member PTABOA, the commissioners appoint 3 freehold members and the county council appoints 2 members. In a county with a 3 member PTABOA, the county council will appoint 1 individual and the commissioners will appoint 2 freehold members so that not more than 2 of the members of the entire board may be of the same political party. Additionally, at least 2 of the members must be residents of the county.


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