VA Service-Connected Disability

To speak to VA Benefits or to check the status of your claim, please call 1-800-827-1000 - after the recording wait for about 30 seconds of dead air and then listen to the prompts to give a few words on the reason you're calling - say "claim status"

Disabled Veteran Benefits Guide


a tax-free benefit awarded to Veterans in order to compensate for current symptoms related to injuries, medical conditions (physical or mental), or diseases that occurred during, were aggravated by, or caused by active duty service, or as the result of an exposure during active duty service (includes secondary conditions resulting from the above). We can file an original claim on a condition never claimed, a supplemental claim for a condition previously denied, and/or a claim for an increase on a worsening condition you're already rated for.

2022 VA Disability Rates & Calculator

3 Things Must Exist:

  1. Condition/Exposure occurring in service or caused/aggravated by Active Duty service … what happened in service or as a result of service?
  2. Current Condition/secondary condition… what condition do you have now?
  3. CONNECTION between the two = Service Connection!



To begin a claim, please gather & bring us the following:

  1. DD214 or equivalent
  2. Military Service Treatment Records (Medical Records)
  3. Private Medical Records since discharge or relating to condition(s) you want to apply for VA Medical Records, if applicable
  4. VA Medical Records, if applicable
  5. Any and all VA Letters you've received in the past regarding past claims, awards, denials (if applicable)
  6. Current VA Rating letter stating your disability rating percentage and breakdown of service-connected conditions (if applicable)