Leaps and Bounds

When a description begins on the side of a street,
And wanders around by bounds and metes,
Did you ever wonder why it's so often a fact,
That the point of beginning is so far from the tract,
So I asked the surveyor to explain to me,
Why the parcel's a mile from the P.O.B.
He had begun his description away so far,
'Cause that is where he had parked his car.

Surveyor's of the Past

Charles M. Brower has had the longest run (28 years) as Kosciusko County Surveyor of all the Surveyors since 1836. 


Almighty God, Surveyor of the universe, and true point of beginning
for all things. Bless that parcel of time more particularly described as life 
and guide us as we traverse through it.  May we accurately follow the 
course you have set forth giving full measure of our time and talent in a 
manner that will make our lives worthy of a place in the record book of eternity. 
We submit the sum of our being; less and except those errors by your grace forgiving.

Snoopy Surveyor

Fun Fact: of the presidents featured on Mount Rushmore, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln were all land surveyors - Theodore Roosevelt was not.

Peanuts Comic Strip