J. Brad Voelz, Prosecuting Attorney
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The primary responsibility of the Kosciusko County Prosecuting Attorney's Office is the prosecution of individuals charged with crimes and other violations of state statutes that occur within Kosciusko County. Also, the Prosecutor's office, in coordination with the Kosciusko County Probation Department-Juvenile Division, prosecutes juveniles who have committed delinquent acts, curfew violations, and school attendance issues. In addition to prosecuting offenses, the office works proactively with law enforcement, community organizations, and neighborhood associations to promote crime prevention and education efforts that enhance public safety.

Another function of the Prosecuting Attorney's Office is to work diligently to ensure the enforcement of court-ordered child support through the Title IV-D Child Support Program. Child support services offered through the Kosciusko County Prosecuting Attorney's Office include the following: locating absent parents, establishing paternity, establishing and enforcing support orders and medical support orders, collecting current and past-due support payments, and reviewing or adjusting of current support orders. Tools available for enforcement include: withholding support payments from paychecks, interception of federal and state tax refunds and lottery winnings, reporting unpaid child support to credit bureaus, placing liens on vehicles, and suspension of driver's and professional licenses of absent parents who owe child support.